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F. Gregory, U.S. surgeon, 1875-1968. See: Connell suture.
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Like her favorite fictional heroines, Sarah Connell threw herself on beds, into carriages, and into her loved ones' arms.
Novelist, poet, essayist, historian--what Connell is above all else, regardless of genre, is a kind of literary archaeologist.
Connell headed "Veterans for Johnson," part of Lyndon B.
On July 18th the Sun reported that, following meetings between police investigators and the state attorney's office, the latter had decided not to file any charges against Connell for defending himself and his friend.
Connell Wagner's chief executive, Dr Jack Wynhoven, said an aim of the terminal was to be "user friendly".
Connell bit his left hand, pulled him to the floor, tried to bite him again and said he was going to kill him as they wrestled.
in view of the ongoing uncertainty surrounding issues relating to Philip Fenton i've decided the tullow tank and Volvalien will be trained by dessie Hughes for the upcoming season," revealed Connell (pictured) yesterday.
Ex-Im Bank has partnered with family-owned, New Jersey-based Connell for nearly 40 years, supporting the company s international sales, primarily in sub-Saharan Africa.
We're thrilled to welcome the Enzyme Solutions team to Connell Brothers," said Graham Brown, general manager of Connell Brothers Australasia.
Growing up in central Louisiana, Connell worked in her high school's greenhouses and took part in judging floriculture contests for the Louisiana association of Future Farmers of America chapters.
Printer Kevin Connell, 29, chatted to the girl on Bebo after telling her he was 19.