conjugate point

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con·ju·gate point

a point so related to another that an object at one is imaged at the other.
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where [B.sub.X], [B.sub.Y], [B.sub.Z] are components of baseline of a stereo pair [X1 Y1 Z1]=[x y -f]T and [X2 Y2 Z2]=R[x' y' -f]T coordinates of conjugate points in the image space coordinate system, (x,y) and (x',y') represent conjugate points in the image space coordinates system, the rotation matrix [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]
This model can directly calculate the eight unknowns [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] with eight or more conjugate points without approximate values.
By [H], 2.7, then, the [g.sup.2.sub.g+2] on X separates conjugate points, and its induced morphism [phi] restricts to an isomorphism on every real components of X.
Let ([M.sup.n], g) be a complete open manifold with K(x) [less than or equal to] [lambda](d[P.sub.0](x)) and If [gamma] is a geodesic from [P.sub.0] minimizing in the interval [0,t], then [gamma](t) is not a conjugate point of [P.sub.0] along [gamma].