hearing impairment

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hear·ing im·pair·ment

, hearing loss (hēr'ing im-pār'ment, laws),
A reduction in the ability to perceive sound; may range from slight inability to complete deafness.
See also: deafness, threshold shift.

hear·ing im·pair·ment

, hearing loss (hēr'ing im-pār'mĕnt, laws)
A reduction in the ability to perceive sound; may range from slight inability to complete deafness.
See also: deafness

hear·ing im·pair·ment

, hearing loss (hēr'ing im-pār'mĕnt, laws)
Reduction in ability to perceive sound; may range from slight inability to complete deafness.
See also: deafness

Patient discussion about hearing impairment

Q. what is this immediate hearing loss???? I woke up yesterday and didnt hear anything, only very high tones in my left ear. I also feel nausious and dizzy. please tell me someone has experienced it and it goes away in a few days!!! I'm very scared to loose my hearing forever, it's been 24 hours that I'm almost deaf. thank you

A. Acute hearing loss can be caused due to an infection of the middle ear or internal ear that can cause dizziness nausea fever and vomiting as well. You should see a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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The outcomes achieved by the scientists suggest that the therapeutic window for local gene transfer in patients with DFNB9 congenital deafness could be wider than thought, and offers hope of extending these findings to other forms of deafness.
Dalmatians in particular have been found to have a 30 percent incidence of congenital deafness.
No treatment is available for inherited congenital deafness. However, veterinarians can be valuable allies in helping you and your cat cope with hearing loss.
Approximately 50% of congenital deafness is inherited and hearing loss has been described in over 400 syndromes.
Jervell and Lange-Nielsen, for the first time in 1957, described four siblings who had a combination of congenital deafness and long QT intervals on ECG, who otherwise seemed to be quite healthy but suffered recurrent attacks of fainting, often provoked by exercise or fear.
Even after newborns have passed their hearing screens, we (pediatricians and parents alike) must remain vigilant because in addition to congenital deafness, children can also acquire hearing loss at any point during childhood.
Non-syndromic hearing loss (NSHL) with autosomal recessive mode of inheritance is responsible for 70% of congenital deafness (Bayazit et al., 2003).
Some other diseases that can be diagnosed by simple tests prior to discharge of a baby from the hospital are also important to include in the Expanded Screening Program: 1) Screening for congenital deafness by Oto-accoustic Emission testing, (8) 2) Screening for cyanotic congenital heart diseases by pulse oxymetry, (9) and 3) Bilirubin check to predict risk for hyperbilirubinemia using Bhutani's nomogram.
Washington, July 26 ( ANI ): A new gene therapy approach can reverse hearing loss caused by a genetic defect in a mouse model of congenital deafness, a new study has revealed.
A new study shows that children aged 12-19 years exposed to secondhand smoke (SHS) were nearly twice as likely as nonexposed teens to experience sensorineural hearing loss, a type of hearing loss typically associated with aging and congenital deafness (3).
New York University's Prof Michael Weitzman said: "It's the type of hearing loss that usually occurs as one gets older or among children with congenital deafness."
Common AR conditions such as the aforementioned genetic blood dyscrasias and rare AR disorders such as undifferentiated congenital deafness, osteogenesis imperfecta type III and spinal muscular atrophy, exemplify this situation.

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