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Verification of the results obtained from a screening method, using a gold-standard technique, or so-called confirmation method

Patient discussion about confirmation

Q. How can I confirm that? We have been in search for a bridegroom for the past one year and later we found one. Shockingly we heard that he is addicted to drugs. How can I confirm that?

A. It can be difficult to discern whether or not a person uses drugs if their drug use is only very sporadic. There may be no obvious pointers, unless the person actually appears to be intoxicated when you see them one time. This might mean an unsteady walk, sleepiness, hyper-activity, excessive talking, aggression . . . and so on, depending on which drug has been used. Even when a person is not intoxicated, problematic drug use nevertheless usually exhibits a few symptoms: Preoccupation, Changes in behavior, financial problems, Physical deterioration, Secretiveness, new associations.

These are just a few common symptoms which may indicate that a person is using drugs. They are not definite, as every individual and situation of drug use is different. In general, new regular drug users undergo a change in their attitudes and behavior. This is likely to be most easily noticed by other family members.

Q. Is addiction confirms alcoholism? my husband regularly takes alcohol. I am afraid whether he is addicted to alcohol….Is addiction confirms alcoholism?

A. JENNIF,check out the alcohol communitie,here------mrfoot56

Q. How come without any test they confirm that my child is having autism? my child is having autism, when they find that he is very sensitive for light, sound, taste and some other symptoms related to autism they send him to psychologist and was confirmed for autism and I was surprised to see no tests were taken for him…but for some other child they have taken....How come without any test they confirm that my child is having autism?

A. The first thing that comes to my mind is for you and your child to have testing for heavy metals in your body. You would be amazed and infuriated at what you find in your body. In a child, heavy metals, such as lead or mercury,(and there are far more than that), can affect a child's cognitive ability, behavior, and overall health.
Doctors Data in St. Charles IL is a highly acclaimed lab where you can have this testing done. You can either have your doctor call them for the test kits or call yourself for info. Here is their website:

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It is vastly different from his Sunday school experience, and the study group with the ministers, other confirmands and the mentors is always open to questions and discussion.
This creates the incongruous possibility of a laying on of hands presided over by two different ministers of confirmation for two different sets of confirmands (an ACC bishop for the Anglicans and an ELCIC pastor for the Lutherans) in the same liturgy in the same congregation, followed by a single eucharistic celebration presided over by one celebrant.
In addition to weekly German and Polish worship services, Gerss held services in the local prison and taught classes for adults and 150 confirmands.
It was the ongoing lament of our priest that Confirmation was actually "Graduation," since even some of the church-going confirmands stopped coming to Mass after the big day.
In addition to the seventy confirmands, there were an estimated 600 relatives and guests, including members of the IHEU General Assembly and Executive Committee.