Confined Space

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A vertically or horizontally limited space in which an employee carries out a specified task—e.g., boilers, furnaces, manholes, pipelines, pits, vessels, sewers, silos, storage tanks, utility vaults, etc.
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He threw himself into the attitude of a lunging fencer, to reach after his oilskin coat; and afterwards he staggered all over the confined space while he jerked himself into it.
Sometimes he would fall into long reveries, sigh heavily and involuntarily, then suddenly rise, and, with folded arms, begin pacing the confined space of his dungeon.
The explosion was deafening in the confined space. The smoke filled the hole so that he could see nothing.
The state of the art, automatic tank cleaning system will eradicate industry fatalities in the British Isles, eliminating human exposure to confined spaces
Perpetuating this uniqueness, Elios 2 features intuitive flight operation and unsurpassed data collection capabilities to safely and easily inspect dangerous and confined spaces while delivering the actionable data needed to make critical maintenance and certification decisions.
They were among 10 teams from around the globe who completed five technical rope rescue and confined space scenarios during the contest.
NATT's core expertise is training in confined space rescue.
Pinapalamig lang natin yung area kasi confined space sya, so, actually hindi [ito] makakadamay [ng ibang area], continues water supply.
This class provides information for any person who may be called upon to execute any task that requires entering a confined space. The course covers OSHA regulations, review of a permit entry program, emergency procedures and demonstration of special equipment.
Do we have any obligations if confined space entry is performed by any subcontractors?
The expectation was to develop subject matter experts who would be working the production floor and instructing co-workers on proper confined space protocol.