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the space between two objects or parts; the lapse of time between two events.
AA interval the interval between two consecutive atrial stimuli.
atrioventricular interval (AV interval)
2. in dual chamber pacing, the length of time between the sensed or paced atrial event and the next sensed or paced ventricular event, measured in milliseconds; called also atrioventricular or AV delay.
cardioarterial interval the time between the apical beat and arterial pulsation.
confidence interval an estimated statistical interval for a parameter, giving a range of values that may contain the parameter and the degree of confidence that it is in fact there.
coupling interval the distance between two linked events in the cardiac cycle.
His-ventricular (H-V) interval an interval of the electrogram of the bundle of His, measured from the earliest onset of the His potential to the onset of ventricular activation as recorded on eight of the intracardiac bipolar His bundle leads or any of the multiple surface ECG leads; it reflects conduction time through the His-Purkinje system.
lucid interval
1. a brief period of remission of symptoms in a psychosis.
2. a brief return to consciousness after loss of consciousness in head injury.
PA interval the interval from the onset of the P wave on the standard electrocardiogram (or from the atrial deflection on the high right atrial ECG) to the A wave on the His bundle ECG; it represents intra-atrial conduction time.
postsphygmic interval the short period (0.08 second) of ventricular diastole, after the sphygmic period, and lasting until the atrioventricular valves open.
P–R interval in electrocardiography, the time between the onset of the P wave (atrial activity) and the QRS complex (ventricular activity).
presphygmic interval the first phase of ventricular systole, being the period (0.04–0.06 second) immediately after closure of the atrioventricular valves and lasting until the semilunar valves open.
QRST interval (Q–T interval) in the electrocardiogram, the length of time between ventricular depolarization (the Q wave) and repolarization (the T wave); it begins with the onset of the QRS complex and ends with the end of the T wave.
VA interval [ventricular-atrial interval] the interval between a ventricular stimulus and the succeeding atrial stimulus; it is equal to the AA interval minus the atrioventricular interval.
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con·fi·dence in·ter·val (CI),

a range of values for a variable of interest, constructed so that this range has a specified probability of including the true value of the variable.
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confidence interval

A measure of the precision of an estimated value, which corresponds to a range of values consistent with the data that have a high probability (± 95%) of encompassing the "true" value. The confidence interval is expressed in the same units as the estimate. Wider confidence intervals indicate lower precision; narrower intervals indicate greater precision.
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confidence interval

Statistics A range of values for a variable of interest–eg, a rate, constructed so that the range has a specified probability of including the true value of the variable. See Confidence limits.
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con·fi·dence in·ter·val

(CI) (konfi-dĕns in'tĕr-văl)
Range of values for a variable of interest, constructed so that this range has a specified probability of including the true value of the variable.
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confidence interval (CI)

A statistical term that quantifies uncertainty. In a clinical trial, the 95% confidence interval (the interval usually employed) for any relevant variable is the range of values within which we can be 95% sure that the true value lies for the entire population of people from which those patients participating in the trial are taken. The greater the number of patients on which the confidence interval is based the narrower it becomes.
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Lake perimeter independently explained 71% ([R.sup.2.sub.adj]) of the variation in colony persistence, comprised the only single-predictor model to fall within this confidence set, and had a 69% probability of being included in the best model ([summation][w.sub.i]).
For small sample sizes the prediction intervals based on the confidence sets are much larger than the naive ones but they get smaller when the number of observations is increased.
Only candidate models of the 90% confidence set (sum of w, [greater than or equal to]0.90) are presented Model RSS K [[delta]AIC.sub.c] Year, regspeed, locspeed 372942.3 7 0.00 Year, locspeed 384294.9 6 1.31 Date, year, regspeed, locspeed 370859.9 8 1.63 Year, regspeed, locspeed, 355299.3 11 3.69 year * locspeed Date, year, regspeed, locspeed, 353563.9 12 5.58 yea * locspeed Model [w.sub.i.sup.c] [R.sup.2] Year, regspeed, locspeed 0.46 0.34 Year, locspeed 0.24 0.32 Date, year, regspeed, locspeed 0.20 0.34 Year, regspeed, locspeed, year*locspeed 0.07 0.37 Date, year, regspeed, locspeed, 0.03 0.37 yea * locspeed DISCUSSION
Key words: model confidence set, forecasting, model selection, multiple comparisons
India's economy is doing better than its peers, with recent policy reforms and improved business confidence set to boost growth to 7.5 per cent in the fiscal year that starts on April 1, Lagarde said.
We then selected a 95% confidence set of models from each full set based on [w.sub.i] values, and used the confidence set to calculate weighted, model-averaged parameter estimates and unconditional standard errors (SE) for each predictor variable (Burnham & Anderson 2002).
And he said he is confident the Government will beat Labour's motion of no confidence set to take place on Wednesday night.
The metric for assessing the forecasts of volatility models is the Model Confidence Set (MCS) method of Hansen et al.
Describing the collection, a spokeswoman for M&S told the Irish Sunday Mirror: "A subtle feminine confidence sets the tone, as simple silhouettes and contemporary shapes allow luxurious fabrics and contemporary design to take the forefront - whilst celebrating the luxury of style and innovation in design."
Liz's good humor and confidence sets Marlee at ease, and they quickly slide into a fast friendship and have a great time working on a class project together.
The depth of confidence sets Middle East CEOs apart from any other region in the world (36 percent).