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an act of seeking expiation through another from guilt for a real or imagined transgression.


n in spiritual and psy-chological practice, a process of acknowledging, repenting, and seeking forgiveness for mistakes.

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Q. How can I confess to my girlfriend that I am bipolar? Not that it really matters, since I cannot attract a woman to save my life, but I was wondering if there is ever a good time to say, "Hey, I am bipolar" and anticipate the reaction. As a bipolar man who is looking for some love and sex, how should I handle the topic, if at all?

A. Thanks JennJ. I think you're right about the group mentality. Thanks.

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8) Another one of the key rhetorical tropes in these programs is the confessionary interview wherein an inmate freely admits to having "made the wrong choices" either in prison or in their pre-prison lives.
Subsequently, Brock disassembles the movement by telling his story to a Clinton White House communication strategist, and in confessionary fashion, "this unpremeditated purging was its own reward" (p.
The articles deal with a wide range of scholarly issues: the current state of Tolstoy studies and perspectives on its development, the poetics of Tolstoy, the confessionary nature of his works, linguistic repetition, reworking of themes, the categories of time and space in the novella The Cossacks, and the influence of Old Russian teaching traditions during his period of work on "The Circle of Reading.
More recently following the withdrawal of the arthritis drug rofecoxib (Vioxx) in late September 2004, Topol (29) extrapolated that as many as 160,000 adverse cardiovascular events (including stroke, myocardial infarction, and death) may have resulted from the collusion of Merck's intentional failure to withdraw what was known for years to be a dangerous drug, the FDA's failure to enforce regulatory standards to protect the public, and the overutilization of Vioxx by the medical profession, which was well informed of the lethality of Vioxx for several years (30) before Merck's confessionary and belated withdrawal of the drug.
The confessionary sections, in which Joaquin projects such a bleak picture of himself and of his interest in Abel, then become Abel's perfidious way of blackening Joaquin's character while narcissistically asserting his own superiority, even to the extent of feigning his own death at the hands of his despised rival.
Moving between a "the accused speaks" model and evidentiary realism--suggested by the law--and a transcendent wholism that provides an omniscient eye--suggested by Scripture--the novel defines for itself an arena in which it must negotiate too loose and too strict an adherence to fact, relying on the mystery of fiction and its natural confessionary attributes.