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The bark of Gonolobus condurango, Marsdenia condurango (family Asclepiadaceae), a shrub of Ecuador and Peru; an aromatic bitter and astringent.
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Ultra-highly diluted plant extracts of Hydrastis canadensis and Morsdenia condurango induce epigenetic modifications and alter gene expression profiles in HeLa cells in vitro.
Sidkar, "Hypermethylation involved in DNA profiles of lung cancer specific tumour suppressor genes and epigenetic modification caused by an ultra-highly diluted homeopathic drug, Condurango 30C, in vitro and in vivo," International Journal of High Dilution Research, vol.
Latex protein or cross-reacting protein is found in many tropical fruits, for example bananas, avocado, kiwi, apricot, European chestnuts, grapes, papaya, potatoes, passion fruit, pineapple, peaches, cherry, tomatoes and condurango, all of which can cause allergic reactions (Beezhold, Sussman, Liss, & Chang, 1996; Blanco, Carrillo, Castillo, Quiralte, & Cuevas, 1994; Kelly, 1995).