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a channel for the passage of fluids.
ileal conduit see ileal conduit.
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A channel.
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A channel.
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Citicorp like many banks that sponsor asset-backed commercial paper programs are reacting to FIN 46 by either restructuring the conduits they sponsor, winding down current programs or evaluating the economics of sponsoring asset-backed commercial paper programs when they must consolidate the conduit's assets and liabilities.
New and improved grades of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) Fortiflex TC resins from Solvay Polymers are designed specifically for telecommunications conduit. These resins are said to possess flexural moduli and tensile strengths that enable conduits to maintain maximum flexibility while meeting crush test requirements.
I'm not sure if that's still the program, but the basic building blocks have remained the same - cells and conduits. In 1982, Halley wrote of his work: "These are paintings of prisons, cells, and walls.
The conduits simply aren't getting their old business back and in many cases will have to make due funding the riskier investments.
investment and who currently treat the arrangements as conduits for U.S.
tax law in the area of conduits consisted primarily of one case, several rulings, and a technical advice memorandum.
The unavailability of homografts has led to a rising demand for conduits for right ventricular outflow tract (RVOT) reconstruction surgery.
The new KEBT SS stainless steel braided conduits are available in 25 metre coil lengths and conduit sizes from 10-50 mm.
Fiber-Guard/MD is designed for installation into new or existing conduits to maximize conduit capacity.
The current supply of telecommunications cables running underground throughout Manhattan, often referred to as "conduits," is quickly dwindling.
Commercial mortgage conduits behave differently from their more traditional counterparts in the real estate lending markets - life insurance companies.