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But by looking at condominium foreclosures by mortgage holders - in which it is probable that the condo association is looking to recoup unpaid condo fees - I can safely guess that foreclosures by condominium associations are on the rise.
What can condominium associations do to convince lenders to make loans for expensive repair projects?
The Massachusetts Appeals Court recently issued a decision essentially nullifying the economic loss rule in claims by condominium associations against condominium developers, despite well-settled precedent that the economic loss rule applies to such claims.
These may include the right to perform alterations to units without the approval of the condominium association, the right to maintain model units, the right to maintain a sales office and a leasing office, exclusion from certain restrictions on leasing, and the right to be excused from the payment of assessments on owned units by merely paying any deficit in operating expenses after collection of assessments from the other owners, frequently referred to as guaranteeing the budget.
On Thursday, a Los Angeles Superior Court jury awarded the condominium association the $3.
MIAMI -- Popular Association Banking, a division of Popular Community Bank, and Roney Palace Condominium Association announced today a financial package with a total credit facility of $14 million for the renovation of Roney Palace, an oceanfront luxury condo complex in South Beach, Miami Beach, Florida.
The property management company and the condominium association are both able to show efficiencies in the operation and maintenance of the building, offer more information regarding energy use to unit owners, and improve the building's P&L statement and cash flow.
Bids shall be submitted to: Quincy Park Condominium Association 1592 Quaker Lane Prospect Heights, Illinois 60070 Attention: Darlene Ahlstedt Bid Due Date: May 15, 2014 at 11:00 AM No bids may be withdrawn for a period of 30 days after the bid opening date.
Advances in technology are enabling the condominium association at the historic former Elizabeth Street School building to replace portions of its slate roof with a material that is nowhere near as costly as slate, but looks enough like it to have won approval from the Historical Commission.
We have retrofitted some of the buildings like Ocean Palms in Hollywood and our program has helped the condominium association to reduce their energy bills by almost 25- 30 % with Zero out of pocket.
a full service property management company based in Mamaroneck, NY, signed a three-year management agreement with 71 Fountain Terrace Condominium Association, Inc.
After years of updates to the building's public interior spaces, the Palm Beach Hotel Condominium Association plans to do further renovations on the lower lobby.