conditional probability

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con·di·tion·al prob·a·bil·i·ty

a probability quoted when the range of choices admitted is restricted, that is, conditional; thus, the probability of the child of a color-blind man inheriting the gene is 1/2 if the child is female and almost 0 if the child is male.

conditional probability

the probability that event A occurs, given that event B has occurred. Written P(AB).
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The augmented research that is needed is multidisciplinary research that can precisely measure the effects of transformative measures over wide range of disparate environmental venues, and shape the results in hierarchies of interdependent types or classes that can be structured as Bayesian conditional probabilities.
The adaptation is accomplished by BNs recalculating the conditional probabilities of the affected variables.
The revised survival or failure probabilities of bridge members overloaded in the sense of abnormal moving loads may be defined fairly unsophisticatedly using the concepts of Bayesian approaches and transformed conditional probabilities.
The method of transformed conditional probabilities (TCPM) may be successfully introduced into the probability-based design of deteriorating particular and structural members in a simple and easy perceptible manner.
3], while the full conditional probabilities are given to the inferred assertions [A.
If the banks take into account the dishonest reporting of the competitor, the equilibrium interest rates change due to changes in conditional probabilities that are based on the volumes of available information.
ij] express the conditional probabilities ([[lambda].
The arcs signify the existence of direct influences between the linked variables and the strengths of these influences are quantified by conditional probabilities.
The differences described above were specific to items repeated from course examinations, and thus conditional probabilities were calculated to assess learning during the examination and posttest reviews.
It is recommended to calculate a long-term survival probability of beams by the analytical method of transformed conditional probabilities.
Bayesian analysis makes use of prior and conditional probabilities and is based upon Bayes theorem for calculating the probability of an outcome given additional evidence.
4) Although the result may seem counterintuitive, it is easily arrived at by a Bayesian formulation of conditional probabilities.

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