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Systems biology analysis merging phenotype, metabolomic and genomic data identifies Non-SMC Condensin I Complex, Subunit G (NCAPG) and cellular maintenance processes as major contributors to genetic variability in bovine feed efficiency.
LCORL, ligand dependent nuclear receptor corepressor like; NCAPG, non-SMC condensin I complex subunit G; LDB2, LIM domain binding 2; PROMI, prominin 1; TAPTI, transmembrane anterior posterior transformation 1.
We show that it can self-assemble to form dimers, trimers, and higher order structures and can interact with condensin proteins SMC2 and SMC4.
SMC4 which forms a complex with SMC2 in condensin was also pulled down by GST-Nesprin-2-SMC.
As condensin exists in two complexes, condensin I and condensin II [18], we used CAP-H (kleisin [gamma], non-SMC condensin I complex subunit H) and CAP-H2 (kleisin [beta], non-SMC condensin II complex subunit H2) antibodies to probe the GST-Nesprin-2-SMC pulldown and identified CAP-H and CAP-H2 in the precipitate (Figure 3(c)).
Nesprin-2 Knockdown Does Not Affect Condensin Distribution.
Dyson, "RBF1 promotes chromatin condensation through a conserved interaction with the Condensin II protein dCAP-D3," Genes & Development, vol.
Caption: Figure 3: pRB is involved in proper chromatin condensation and chromosome segregation via interactions with mitotic regulators, such as condensin II and NuMA, which is important for chromosome stability.
Condensins, proteins which play a major role in chromosome condensation and DSB repair during prophase I, are also known to play a role [66].
Amon, "Condensins promote coorientation of sister chromatids during meiosis I in budding yeast," Genetics, vol.
This block encompasses a single annotated gene, non-SMC condensin I complex, subunit G (NCAPG), which functions in protein binding and cell division.
Dissection of genetic factors modulating fetal growth in cattle indicates a substantial role of the non-SMC condensin I complex, subunit G (NCAPG) gene.