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Informatics The ability of an operating system to simultaneously run multiple programs–eg, graphics, spreadsheets, word processing or formats of software–eg, coding, compiling, testing
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Performing multiple duties or taking on multiple responsibilities and roles simultaneously.
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RationalPlan Server - a centralized place to manage the company's projects while offering concurrent access to multiple users
The most common cluster architecture today is a "shared nothing" cluster, which means that the systems in the cluster do not share memory or concurrent access to data on the common storage.
As mainstream operating systems and storage devices support multi-server applications, these servers will require concurrent access to the shared storage resources.
A storage manager allows access from a single system to a set of addressable storage locations, whereas a data manager enables concurrent access from multiple systems to the same set of addressable storage locations.
“We at StorageMojo were looking for a product that addresses the speed craving that many legacy SAN environments are facing today with the ever increasing concurrent access to critical data,” stated Rene Eickoff CEO, StorageMojo Netherlands.
Mass storage today means more than just capacity storage with low access rates; it now includes data demanding all the storage properties such as response time, a high level of concurrent access, bandwidth to transfer large files or blocks, rapid recovery, and high-availability.
RationalPlan suite started as a desktop application designed to run on all major operating systems - Windows, Linux and Mac OS X - but it evolved into an embedded management system that is now available even as a project management cloud service both for individuals and for companies that need a distributed solution with concurrent access from multiple users.

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