Concrete Intelligence

Psychology The ability to understand and manipulate physical objects
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Most importantly, what's got the ministers harping on about concrete intelligence and all that when there is clearly none?
The officer stressed that the police have no concrete intelligence of imminent terrorist attacks.
Although there is no concrete intelligence, Binag urged the police not to be lax as threat for spillover of terrorism from Mindanao may happen.
as the country that holds the key to Russia's influence on the Balkans and in Europe."The article also touches the prospects of defense being on Kerry's agenda as "the Bulgarian army depends heavily on Russian spare parts and servicing, and on Greece to help patrol airspace."It also points to the difficulties Bulgaria is having in controlling movement of would-be jihadists across tis own border."It is a major problem for our special services to control Islamist fighters traveling through Bulgaria unless we have concrete intelligence from our allies," former intelligence head Gen Kircho Kirov is quoted as saying.
Intelligence test measure an individual's ability in relatively global areas such as verbal comprehension, perceptual organization, or reasoning and thereby help determine potential for scholastic work or certain occupation (Gregory,2006,P:58).E.L.Thorndike divided intelligent activity into three types: social intelligence, or ability to understand and deal with person; concrete intelligence or ability to understand and deal with things and abstract intelligence, or ability to understand and deal with verbal and mathematical symbols (Freeman, 1963, p: 157).
Morin called upon Israel to back up Peres' claims with concrete intelligence.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office said in a statement: "According to concrete intelligence we anticipate an immediate terror activity to kidnap an Israeli in Sinai."
Israel told its citizens vacationing in the Egyptian Sinai desert, Tuesday, to depart immediately because the government had received "concrete intelligence" about an imminent threat from militants seeking to kidnap Israeli citizens there, reported the Lebanese daily AN NAHAR, Wednesday.
"There is no concrete intelligence about intention to take up arms but this scenario cannot be discounted, along with attempting to extract a price tag," the document said, referring to the policy among some radical settlers of attacking Palestinians in response to military action against the settlements.
Bangladesh, however, denies these allegations, but said it would hunt down any such groups if it receives concrete intelligence about them.
"In regards to Norway, we do not have concrete intelligence information to build on, but an evaluation of Norway's role in Iraq indicates that al-Qaeda also has roots in Norway," Stevenson was quoted as saying to the newspaper.