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A body piercing through the free margin of the ear
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opens with 'Wa-Rokael/Our Ancestors Bless You', beginning with a conch shell blast, continuing with undulating percussion and male vocals chanting; 'Yukayeke' is similar, but adds raspers to the drums.
At night, a special piece of conch shell magically turns Molly into a mermaid and takes her to the wonderful Undersea Kingdom where some sea creatures have completely disappeared.
Seven strokes takes the shape of a conch shell symbolizing the seven notes in music.
She learned that Hopi and Zuni used conch shell trumpets to manifest the voice of the plumed serpent, a deity who lives underground and caused the earth to quake and volcanoes to erupt.
His pretty, diaphanous stage set, dominated by a surreal, gigantic paper clip and conch shell, evoked Magritte and Dali.
A queen conch shell features a painted beach scene with the words Belize 1981.
She is stung by the woman's lack of trust: "Then to Louisa's surprise Miz Juliette took the precious conch shell from the mantel.
Flautist and master of Arabic scales Jeff Greene, Ween bassist David Dreiwitz, conch shell virtuouso (and Saturday Night Live band trombonist) Steve Turre, voice and box-fiddle player Jolie Holland, and ethno-jazz reed master Matt Darriau all combine to create one of the most unique urban folk bands in existence, whose pieces ultimately reflect the culture of a hypothetical hybrid nation.
4 Herend's new fishnet color, key lime, is presented in a selection of 18 popular figurines, including the conch shell.
95 for six; while a large white conch shell, pounds 19, could make a centrepiece.
Once inside, in addition to the potency of the space's visceral and tactile qualities, sound from the Arabian Sea finds its way in and resonates to transform the cavernous interior into a sound box, producing an enveloping ambience described by its architects as reminiscent of sounds heard when a conch shell is held to the ear.