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The queen conch Strombus gigas Linnaeus, 1758 is a large marine gastropod of significant economic importance through the Greater Caribbean region (Theile, 2005).
Queen conch [Lobatus gigas (Linnaeus, 1758)] is a large marine gastropod, which is widely distributed throughout the Caribbean region, where it supports one of the most important fisheries (Appeldoorn 1994, Acosta 2002).
It is estimated that 15 million conch were exported annually until the late 1960s (Rudd 2003).
Such threats favor epic jumping in spite of the conch circulatory system, which looks inefficient at first glance.
By contrast, polished coral beads display banded striations that are much more regular than the flame structures seen in conch pearls and shells.
Looking for the conch shell stolen from the care, the girls have a series of remarkable adventures inside the wicked witch Hecate's mainframe computer or in 'eSide' as they are pulled into a totalitarian digital world.
For example, naled exposure resulted in delayed development, deformities, or death in queen conch embryos (McIntyre et al.
The two pots at the end of each string were conch pots used as anchors in order to keep the lighter octopus pots from lifting off of or rolling on the bottom and thus elicit greater rates of occupancy by octopi.
The quota system has been in place since 2006 as Belize is mandated to report on its conch production and trade under its CITES obligations.
So we weighed in at the Conch House, and then ran over to the scales for the Northeast Championship.
Credit Suisse has reduced the target price of Anhui Conch (0914.
one of Taiwan's listed cement producers, will import one million tons of cement from China's Conch Group this year, instead of procuring from Taiwan Cement Corp.