concept formation

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1. the process of giving shape or form; the creation of an entity, or of a structure of definite shape.
2. a structure of definite shape.
chiasma formation the process by which a chiasma is formed; it is the cytologic basis of genetic recombination, or crossing over.
compromise formation in psychoanalysis a substituted idea or act representing and permitting partial expression of a repressed conflict.
concept formation the ability to organize a variety of information to form thoughts and ideas, a cognitive performance component in occupational therapy.
reaction formation a defense mechanism in which a person adopts conscious attitudes, interests, or feelings that are the opposites of unconscious feelings, impulses, or wishes. For example, a person may use revulsion or repugnance to defend against an unconscious desire or attraction.
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con·cept for·ma·tion

in psychology, the learning to conceive and respond in terms of abstract ideas based on an action or object.
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con·cept for·ma·tion

(kon'sept fōr-mā'shŭn)
psychology Learning to conceive and respond in terms of abstract ideas based on an action or object.
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The Interactive Learning app is one of its kind application which ensures concept learning through rich, interactive, virtual reality video modules.
They cover the dynamic fuzzy machine learning model, dynamic fuzzy autonomic learning subspace algorithm, dynamic fuzzy decision tree learning, concept learning based on dynamic fuzzy sets, semi-supervised multi-task learning based on dynamic fuzzy sets, dynamic fuzzy hierarchical relationships, and a multi-agent learning model based on dynamic fuzzy logic.
In [26], a Multi-Loss regularized Deep Neural Network (ML-DNN) framework was proposed, which exploited multiple loss functions with different theoretical motivations to mitigate overfitting during semantic concept learning. He et al.
To best support students with concept learning, teachers might consider the following.
More importantly, in contrast to scheming learning map, the instructors must concentrate on the course design and the learners must concentrate on the concept learning, to increase the quality of teaching and learning.
Also, the conceptual spaces provide a formal elaboration of concept learning, a crucial cognitive functionality development, as well as concept combinations.
They took the observations and vital signs of patients as part of their particular concept learning for the week.
(1988) examined matching concept learning in infant chimpanzees, using object stimuli that were familiar to them, and successfully showed clear transfer to novel stimuli after acquisition training with a relatively small number of training stimuli.
Graphic concepts may be defined as familiar visual images that scaffold concept learning. Abstract concepts add complexity to finding meaningful images because they are not associated with a readily identifiable image.

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