Concentrated Epidemic

An epidemic in which HIV or another pathogen represents > 5% in any sub-population at higher risk of infection—e.g., drug injectors, sex workers, homosexual men. Surveillance systems monitor infection in those groups and focus on behavioural links between members of those groups and the general population
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UNAIDS Country Manager Ahmed Khamis said "there are signs of a concentrated epidemic among key populations" despite the low prevalence rate.
Recent biological and behavioural data on HIV clearly indicates a widespread concentrated epidemic among IDUs with highly prevalent risk behaviours such as use of non-sterile injecting equipment and physical contacts with other high-risk groups, he added.
He said these things have pushed Larkana into a concentrated epidemic.
Despite many efforts, the HIV infection rate has increased significantly over the past few years and in fact, the country has moved from a low prevalence to the concentrated epidemic with HIV prevalence of more than 5% among injecting drug users (IDUs) in at least eight major cities.
Pakistan moved up from low prevalence to concentrated epidemic category4.
In India, overall HIV prevalence among different population groups continues to reflect the concentrated epidemic situation in the country with 2.3 million people living with HIV/AIDS and estimated adult prevalence of 0.34% (0.25-0.43%).9 In India, the age group 15-24 years comprises almost 25% of the country's population; however, they account for 31% of the AIDS burden.10 HIV, the causative agent of AIDS, is a retrovirus.
Pakistan is facing a concentrated epidemic of HIV/ AIDS and the government, since 1987 when the first HIV positive case was reported in the country, had been attempting to respond to the situation, through national and provincial AIDS control programmes respectively.
Though Bhutan is a low HIV prevalence country with an estimated adult HIV prevalence of 0.02%, there is a risk that it may spread among the population with risk of experiencing concentrated epidemic among certain population groups.
Five percent is the UN's borderline to declare an area as having a concentrated epidemic, explained the DOH.
Mauritius nurse Carmen Anazor said the 2.4 square kilometre island in the Indian Ocean had a "concentrated epidemic" of HIV among injecting drug users.
But, the pandemic is "showing a sign of advancing from a low prevalence/emerging epidemic to a concentrated epidemic in the near future", cautioned a Unicef's report.
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