pectus excavatum

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pectus carina´tum a malformation of the chest wall in which the sternum is abnormally prominent. Moderate cases cause no difficulties and require no treatment; in severe cases the deformity may interfere with lung and heart action, causing dyspnea on exercise and increased susceptibility to respiratory infections. Serious malformations can usually be corrected by surgery. Called also pigeon breast or chest and chicken breast.
pectus excava´tum a congenital malformation of the chest wall characterized by a funnel-shaped depression with its apex over the lower end of the sternum; it is caused by shortening of the central portion of the diaphragm, which pulls the sternum backward during inhalation, and by the growth of ribs. Except in mild cases, it decreases the ability of the child to engage in sustained exercise. It also delays recovery from coughs and colds, reduces the ability to eat a full meal (so that most patients are underweight), and often produces a functional heart murmur. Noisy breathing may occur during sleep. A child may develop an emotional problem because of embarrassment over the deformity. It can be satisfactorily corrected by surgery. Called also funnel breast or chest and koilosternia.
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pec·tus ex·ca·va·'tum

[MIM*169300] Avoid using the simple word pectus in the special sense of pectus excavatum. Avoid the incorrect phrase pectus excavatus.
A hollow at the lower part of the chest caused by a backward displacement of the xiphoid cartilage.
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pectus excavatum

 Funnel chest, see there.
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pec·tus ex·ca·va·tum

(pek'tŭs eks'kă-vā'tŭm)
A hollow at the lower part of the thorax (chest) caused by a backward displacement of the xiphoid cartilage.
Synonym(s): funnel breast, funnel chest.
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pectus excavatum

A congenital condition in which the sternum is abnormally depressed. Synonym: funnel breast; pectus recurvatum See: illustration
See also: pectus
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Pectus excavatum

An abnormality of the chest in which the sternum (breastbone) sinks inward; sometimes called "funnel chest."
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Meanwhile, after learning he's no longer in charge, Elliot decides to work on a young patient's concave chest.
The concave chest, the back hunched as if in anticipation of a blow.
For example, here is how Raven first describes Count Dracula: aWithin the cloak all was leanness and angular bones, from the strangely sunken, almost concave chest down to the long, pale fingers and black-trousered legs.
"If you roll too far back, you'll end in a pinched position; too far forward, and you have the concave chest problem," she says.
Jack has a secret--his concave chest (pectus excavatum)--about which he is so embarrassed that he refuses to take his shirt off, thus making his life very difficult as a member of the school rugby team.
But soon afterwards Tony was stricken by rickets, which left him with a concave chest and a tendency to hang his neck forward, producing the trademark Hancock slouch.
"Rob's determination, talent and supportive family have helped secure his continuing success as a swimmer even though he still has a concave chest from where the absentee lung should be."
Almost all the men look exactly the same: stick thin legs and arms, concave chests, and distended stomachs.
The NTM patients also more frequently had concave chests, a condition known as pectus excavatum, and scoliosis, or curvature of the spine.
The only thing they have in common is that they're both skinny, pale boys with concave chests. At least Eminem has a sense of humour in his videos and pokes fun at other music stars.
Button geeks were gathering and wearing as much campaign paraphernalia as they could fit on their concave chests. Members of the Young Americans for Freedom were handing out sophomoric flyers and trying to look like the cast of Reservoir Dogs.