Luigi M., Italian physician, 1825-1882. See: Concato disease.
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Italian artist Giorgia Concato turns found and observed objects into elements in her mixed media art.
Peduzzi, Concato, Kemper, Holford, and Feinstein (1996) suggested applying N = 10(k/p), where k is the number of covariates and p is the smallest of the proportions of negative or positive cases in the population, to estimate sample size for logistic regression.
It is a good predictor of survival, a key determinant of health care cost as well as a factor in decisions about medical procedures, for example, the use of feeding tubes or cardiopulmonary resuscitation (Fried, Towle, & Allore, 2002; Gillick, 2000; Carey, Lindquist & Covinsky, 2004; Inouye, Robison, Hughes, Horwitz & Concato, J.
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