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(kō-nah'tŭs, -nā'tŭs), The plural of this word is conatus, not conati.
A striving toward self-preservation and self-affirmation.
[L. attempt]
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Where it is perceptually interpreted, its synetic level is associated with the subject as accepting syntax or generative conatus, while its diffeonic level is associated with percepts or objects of perception.
This follows the initiation of the Phase IIb ENCORE-LF trial by Conatus evaluating emricasan in patients with decompensated liver cirrhosis caused by nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH).
Zizek, for example, drawing upon Freud's theorization of the death-drive, revisits Spinoza's notion of conatus--to examine the ways in which the conatus could be "based on a fundamental act of self-sabotaging," rather than on self-preservation (Zizek, 2003: 34).
Si en Unamuno el conatus essendi es la caracteristica mayor de la naturaleza humana y si para concretarse en terminos espirituales, el espiritu de cada sujeto etico debe sobrevivir despues de su muerte biologica, entonces cada individuo necesita imponerse de tal forma que se perpetuen rasgos de su personalidad en sus semejantes.
En lugar de beneficiar mi propia fuerza y el goce de mi propia vida, mi conatus se vuelve contra la persona humana extrana cuya accion me amenaza.
Bennett explains that the conatus is "not a process of mere repetition of the same, for it entails continual invention.
In the foreward to Paul Brienza's path breaking book on Giambattista Vico (1668-1744), Guiseppe Mazzotta of Yale University observes that this study: "contributes a highly original and essential element to the two parallel debates on Vico and social theory: he revives the somewhat forgotten problematic of the conatus [endeavor] and reinterprets it as the key to the individual's desire for self-preservation and, therefore, to any possible constitution of an ethical/political community.
has closed a transaction resulting in the immediate acquisition of the majority controlling interest in PIR by the New York based conglomerate, Conatus Capital Group, Inc.
What Spinoza referred to as the conatus in the Ethics, which is a being's striving to persevere (Spinoza, Ethics, 3.
Debe continuar con la organizacion que nace de lo que Jean Robert y Majid Ranhema llaman el conatus, un termino de Spinoza: la forma mas intima de las ganas de vivir, de ser lo que uno es como ser humano.
ii) Spinoza's political philosophy stems from the key conceptions of his metaphysics: the definition of God's freedom as freedom from constraint, that is, the equivalence between free actions and actions which follow solely from the internal laws of the nature of the thing which acts; (6) the rejection of conventional moral concepts from physics and thereby from the physics of the commonwealth (what we could dub robust atheism projected to politics); and the notion of conatus, namely, the impetus or striving to persevere in its being which constitutes <<the actual essence of the thing>> (Spinoza, 1992: 3p7; G II: 146).