computer physician order entry

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com·pu·ter phy·si·cian or·der en·try

(kŏm-pyū'tĕr fi-zish'ŭn ōr'dĕr en'trē)
An electronic prescribing system that allows physicians to enter orders into a computer.
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CPOE = computerized prescriber order entry; EFFCH = the measure of technical "efficiency change" during the years studied; TC = the measure of "technological change" during the years studied; TFP = the measure of "total factor productivity"' change during the years studied.
Computerized prescriber order entry, automated dispensing systems, bar code reconciliation, and other computerized support systems are purported to decrease providers' reliance on memory and increase their access to information and compliance with best practice procedures (Bates, 2000).
Facilities that use computerized prescriber order entry (CPOE) reported fewer inpatient medication errors but more outpatient medication errors that reached or harmed patients than facilities without CPOE; however, the statistical significance of these differences could not be determined.
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