computer physician order entry

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com·pu·ter phy·si·cian or·der en·try

(kŏm-pyū'tĕr fi-zish'ŭn ōr'dĕr en'trē)
An electronic prescribing system that allows physicians to enter orders into a computer.
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Although duplicative testing is markedly reduced with the current computerized physician order entry system within federal healthcare, having the health information technology system interoperable across the VA, DoD, and IHS would further reduce this concern.
CPOE = computerized physician order entry; EMAR = electronic medication administration records; COTH = Council of Teaching Hospitals; JCAHO = Joint Commission.
Implementation of computerized physician order entry in National Guard hospitals: Assessment of critical success factors.
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Extending the understanding of computerized physician order entry: implications for professional collaboration, workflow and quality of care.
More details are in "Mixed results in the safety performance of computerized physician order entry," by Jane Metzger, B.A., Emily Welebob, R.N., M.S., David W.
Computerized Physician Order Entry, commonly known as CPOE, is the basis of the electronic pharmacy/medical record solution.
Participating hospitals also are measured on objectives that include the adoption of JCAHO patient safety goals and implementation of patient safety initiatives, such as computerized physician order entry, which have been shown to reduce serious medication errors by 88 percent, said Richard Lafleur, medical director Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in New Hampshire.
The effect of computerized physician order entry with clinical decision support on the rates of adverse drug events: a systematic review.
Other strategies for reducing the errors include staff communication and collaboration; patient education and participation; designating pharmacists to manage anticoagulant services; and use of computerized physician order entry (CPOE) and bar ceding technology, if available.
Our hospital's computerized physician order entry system contains a number of screens for ordering laboratory tests grouped by specimen type.
In 2007, the home dialysis team at The Ottawa Hospital created innovative strategies to permit implementation of the nephrology computerized physician order entry and documentation (CPOE) system for the peritoneal dialysis (PD) population.
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