computer physician order entry

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com·pu·ter phy·si·cian or·der en·try

(kŏm-pyū'tĕr fi-zish'ŭn ōr'dĕr en'trē)
An electronic prescribing system that allows physicians to enter orders into a computer.
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The potential of computerized physician order entry to make a significant impact has been shown clearly in studies that documented a 55 percent reduction in serious medication errors.
1: Computerized Physician Order Entry System Market Size and Forecast 2008-2012 (In $ million)
Key Topics Covered: 1 Introduction 2 Research Methodology 3 Executive Summary 4 Market Overview 5 North America Computerized Physician Order Entry Market, By Type 6 North America Computerized Physician Order Entry Market, By Component 7 North America Computerized Physician Order Entry Market, By Deployment 8 North America Computerized Physician Order Entry Market, By End-User 9 Computerized Physician Order Entry Market, By Geography 10 North America Computerized Physician Order Entry (COEP) Market: Competitive Landscape 11 Computerized Physician Order Entry (COEP) Market, By Company - Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc.
Overview of the Leapfrog Group Evaluation Tool for Computerized Physician Order Entry.
The computerized physician order entry (CPOE) market is segmented and forecasted on the basis of types, deployments, components, end users, and geographies.
Browse through the TOC of Global Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) market for an in-depth analysis of the industry trends and segments, with help of various tables and figures.
As a result, Riverview physicians are using Misys CPR throughout the hospital and have incorporated computerized physician order entry (CPOE) within the emergency department to simplify the process of placing orders, tracking medication administration and improving clinical and business reporting capabilities.
European Market for Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) Systems
To help streamline the TPN process further, the PINNACLE system incorporates computerized physician order entry and pharmacist approval capabilities, as well as barcoded TPN containers that work with barcode-compatible infusion devices, such as the B.
MEDHOST will empower Graham with a complete, easy-to-use EDIS, which includes advanced patient tracking, nurse charting, physician documentation and computerized physician order entry capabilities.
A 2006 "Most Wired" honoree, MHP's partnership with Siemens is central to its electronic health record (EHR) strategy, which leverages Siemens INVISION[R] clinical IT solutions including computerized physician order entry (CPOE).
Centricity Enterprise is an integrated clinical, financial and administrative system that helps caregivers provide enhanced patient care through computerized physician order entry (CPOE), clinical decision support and expert rules, while documenting all aspects of patient care.
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