computer-aided design

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computer-aided design (CAD),

n the use of computers to assist a draftsman, architect, or artist in the creation of drawing, illustration, or other visual art. Along with this is computer-assisted design/computer-assisted manufacturer (CAD-CAM).
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The first level is 2-D CAD, a fundamental course, which introduces the concepts, skills and software applications in computer-aided drafting and design.
The team at Profile Cabinet customizes design work to meet contractor or homeowner specifications using computer-aided drafting programs.
Under the plan, approved last week by the Santa Clarita Community College District board of trustees, 160 workers will be trained in skills like computer use and software applications, manufacturing production, business management strategies, and computer-aided drafting.
Through the combination of computer-aided drafting, computer-aided engineering and GIS analysis functionality, the DOT now has three systems in one.
Michael Ward, coordinator for computer-aided drafting and design.
Mr Sin said the department will provide more training courses this year for vocational skills that are in high demand, such as taxi driving, metalwork and welding, computer-aided drafting, multimedia production and programming, to help facilitate prisoners' smooth reintegration into society upon their release.
Certified by the state of New Jersey in computer-aided drafting technology, she is obtaining her professional architect's license as well as her master's degree in business administration.
Thanks to Perkins funding, Jones is currently enrolled full time at the university pursuing two more degrees--an Associate of Applied Science degree in computer-aided drafting and design, and a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering.
has received software donations from leaders in the Computer-Aided Drafting and Design software industry who have shown their support of the college's CADD program.
Courses in computer-aided drafting are taught, and industrial education covers subjects like robotics and electromagnetism, where once only carpentry, auto repair and machine shop were taught, said Superintendent Robert Lee.
The firm has 43 computer-aided drafting stations and was the first firm in Arkansas to use the equipment, Parks says.

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