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A computer or television monitor with controls for studying and manipulating graphical or clinical images.
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Review by Linda Tapp Product Ratings Computer Workstation Safety Holds user interest ** Acting/presenting ** Production quality *** Value of Content ** Instructional Value ** Value for the money *** Overall rating **
technical standards for computer workstations will draw on a wealth of experience from its members.
Continental manufactures the MicroCentre line of ready-to-assemble ergonomically designed computer workstations, desks and modular systems.
Most revenue officers must go to computer workstations to perform present value computations, and some require assistance from supervisory OIC personnel in performing their evaluations.
Results of comparisons to test castings proved favorable and the technique has been adapted to an inexpensive 32-bit computer workstation.
Founded in 1993, Maxvision manufactures highly differentiated military and commercial portable computer workstation and server products with facilities in Madison, AL.
The contest is asking professionals across all industries to submit photos of their interesting and innovative industrial monitor and computer workstation setups in order to be qualified to win the giveaway.
A variety of options and accessories are available to configure a fully functional computer workstation that meets individual needs.
The AVJ-42KB is a compact steel mobile computer workstation. This unit offers adjustability in 2.0 in.

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