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the subject of the order includes the provision of one-time delivery, Installation, Adjustment, Testing, Quality control, Commissioning and commissioning of all the necessary accessories and consumables for a new multi-line computer tomograph, Training of the personnel to work with it, Service; Preparation of a technological design for the location of the apparatus and its components in the premises and the relevant parts; Dismantling and transportation of the old computer tomography of mhatnp "st.
The three-dimensional computer tomography reconstructions give an insight into the oral cavity of the Iceman and show how severely he was suffering from advanced periodontitis.
provides new clinical observations, critiques of multidetector computer tomography for diagnosis and recommendations for imaging tests for this edition of his comprehensive reference.
They are working on a project that integrates radiographic images, such as those obtained from computer tomography, in which a 3-D image of a body structure is constructed from a series of cross-sectional images.
The results of a new study support this link and, at the same time, demonstrate the usefulness of computer tomography (CT) scanning for pinpointing the cause of blood flow blockage.
Contract Awarded for X-ray computer tomography (ct)/one set
This reference details the state of research in modeling, testing, and application of adaptive antennas and receivers, for students and professionals in diverse areas, such as surveillance, communication, navigation, artificial intelligence, computer tomography, and security.
Contract award notice: : tp200 / 17eu computer tomography device.

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