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a program written in a computer language telling a computer to perform a given task.
database access software programs that make it easier to use regular online systems by providing an interface between the user and these systems. This interface can translate a search statement into the command language of the system, and sometimes provide automatic dialing, access, and so on. Called also front end or gateway software.
front end software (gateway software) database access software.
menu driven software software aided by a menu of choices for commands and formats to be selected by the user.


The program or instructions for a computer.


the programs that control a computer and cause it to perform specific functions. Compare hardware. See also application.


Computer programs, procedures, rules and any associated documentation pertaining to the operation of a system.


Informatics A sequence of programmed instructions used to operate a computer and perform specific tasks Examples Assemblers, compilers, programs, programming languages, routines, translators, and documentation; PC software includes word processors, databases, spreadsheets, graphics, desktop publishers. See Computer, Speech recognition software, Tunneling software. Cf Hardware.


n the various programming aids supplied by manufacturers to facilitate the user's efficient operation of computer equipment. The collection of programs, routines, and documents associated with a computer (e.g., compilers, library routines).
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The soldering process.

Patient discussion about software

Q. I'm having problem remembering how to operate a computer software. Is learning possible only at a young age? I have been trying to learn a new software program that my kids got me but I keep forgetting how to get it started. Is learning possible only at a young age?

A. This is a common concern among older adults. However the answer is actually- not at all. People can learn throughout their life span. In fact, it is important to continue and learn new skills as we age. Learning new skills, like new games, new dances, and a new language, and playing a musical instrument, help keep our mind sharp longer. With age, we may be slower to pick up new information. However, the ability to learn does not go away unless we are inflicted with dementia. It may require more effort but you can continue to learn.

Q. I am looking for an Enterprise-wide Hospital Management Software to run a tertiary level of care Hospital. The software should be an ERP taking into account all the hospital's operation from reception to admission, tranfer, to discharge, including facility management, account department operations to house keeping and Human Resources Management

A. Not really my field, but googling would give you plenty of results, and this one ( might be a good place to start your search.

Also, here ( you can find a list of open source healthcare software you may find usefull.


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Implementing an ERP system typically involves various costs, including, among others, costs to purchase the software, costs to install the software on the taxpayer's computer hardware and to configure the software to the taxpayer's needs through the use of options and templates embedded in the software, and costs to develop computer software through a technical consulting contract.
In contrast, an electronic book available online or for download does not qualify as computer software under the deduction rules.
Health care and social assistance spending on ICT equipment and computer software increased 12.
Electronics, computer software and services exports account for 17.
The appeals court next considered the temporary regulation that excluded computer software from the definition of export property.
But the Computer Software industry should not be daunted by this as 69 companies achieved this level of performance.
Some untested computer software may survive until it records a full date field (e.
a computer software development company, has moved its eastern regional office from Elmsford to 7,683 square feet at 580 White Plains Road.
Therefore, a current, accurate determination of the value of a company's computer software is often critical to the firm's current owners, potential buyers, management, lenders or other interested parties.
Thousands of dollars accumulate in a bank account while the university tries to establish a policy for handling the twin questions of computer software ownership and the division of royalties.
This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in computer software publishing or publishing and reproduction.
In a generic legal advice memorandum, the IRS Office of Chief Counsel concluded that a bank does not derive domestic production gross receipts (DPGR) from the disposition of computer software when it allows customers to download a free mobile phone app providing access to the banks online fee-based services.

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