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mass storage,

n a storage medium in which data may be organized and maintained both sequentially and nonsequentially. Usually used for storage of files.
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A list of individual DVD+RW-compatible DVD player and computer drive models can be found at www.
The Computer Drive allow companies to donate their used (but in working condition) desktop computers for the benefit of students and youth centers throughout Saipan.
Clinton ordered action following widespread anger across America at the loss of the top secret computer drives.
Panasonic is pleased to supply the OEM DVD MULTI-Drive to Luminex, which plays a key role in Luminex's continued innovation in the data archiving and publishing industry," said Dana Berzin, product manager for Panasonic's OEM computer drives.
today announced one of the industry's first Blu-ray Disc computer drives, expected to revolutionize digital and high-definition media storage.
A selection of Blu-ray players, recorders and computer drives are expected from Sony, Hitachi, Sharp, Panasonic, LG Electronics, Pioneer, Philips, Mitsubishi, and Samsung as well as PC hardware from Dell and HP.
Microlite's early adoption and support demonstrates and validates the continued growth of the Recordable DVD industry and the support for DVD-RAM as a cost effective, reliable storage medium for UNIX and Linux," said Dana Berzin, Product Manager for Panasonic's OEM computer drives.
TEAC is one of the world's largest suppliers of computer drives such as DVD Recorders and Floppy Disc Drives that are based on recording technologies accumulated for many decades since TEAC first developed a tape recorder a half century ago.
This information was harvested by computer forensics professionals using software tools that allow "metadata" and hidden data to be extracted from computer drives.
Pioneer Electronics announced in October that many of its DVD-R/RW first-generation computer drives and set-top recorders will require a firmware upgrade prior to using new high speed recordable discs.

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