computer-aided design

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computer-aided design (CAD),

n the use of computers to assist a draftsman, architect, or artist in the creation of drawing, illustration, or other visual art. Along with this is computer-assisted design/computer-assisted manufacturer (CAD-CAM).
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The high capacity ioFX is ideal for video editing, computer assisted design (CAD), 4K and stereoscopic production, as well as digital intermediate (DI) finishing.
You'll also discover systems that you thought were extinct, such as Commodores and Ataris, as well as some that are specialized for businesses and Computer Assisted Design.
State of the art Computer Assisted Design (CAD) equipment is used to constantly design, tests, and develops newer and better equipment.
Prestige") (TSX Venture: PR-V) announced today that Prestige has entered into a Services Agreement with RAMTeCH Software Solutions Private Limited ("RAMTeCH") where RAMTeCH will provide offshore Computer Assisted Design ("CAD") support services to Prestige.
GRAITEC, created more than 20 years ago, has been committed to developing high performance computer assisted design and analyses software for the construction industry.
Applications which can benefit from the company's products and technology include computer assisted design & manufacturing, medical imaging, geomatics -- creating maps from satellite and radar imagery, seismic imaging and national security/biometrics.
is a professional services firm providing aerial photography acquisition and services, photogrammetric services, orthorectification, digital conversions, scanning, plotting, computer assisted design (CAD) and geographic information systems (GIS) solutions for both the public and private sector clients.
The Zymeworks Computer Assisted Design (ZymeCAD(TM)) molecular simulations platform combines high-performance computing with proprietary molecular modeling software to create a highly detailed modeling environment for predictive and accurate enzyme design.
Isimage is a company with consolidated experience in consulting and distribution of specific technical products for computer assisted design and document management.
Timmons Group, Summer Intern Program - seeking out future leaders, Timmons Group teaches interns technical skills ranging from Computer Assisted Design (CAD), to the use of complex design software such as InDesign

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