Computed tomography scan

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Computed tomography (CT or CAT) scan

A specialized type of x-ray imaging that uses highly focused and relatively low energy radiation to produce detailed two-dimensional images of soft tissue structures, particularly the brain. CT scans are the chief competitor to ultrasound and can yield higher quality images not disrupted by bone or gas. They are, however, more cumbersome, time consuming and expensive to perform, and they use ionizing electromagnetic radiation.

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Q. I get bad headaches had ct scans and m.r.i. even sinus surgery, suffering 2yrs now, dizzness occurs too..

A. If all prior medical investigations turned out normal, and sinus surgery didn't help relieve your symptoms, I would suggest the reason for your headaches is probably migraine attacks, that can cause severe headaches, and no CT scan or MRI can diagnose them. The diagnosis is made clinically, by your doctor. Migraine headaches can be eased by proper medications, before and during an attack. You should consult a neurologist.

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The initial computed tomography scan in the first patient showed some peri-lesion contrast enhancement around the abscess, consistent with slow arterial blood flow.
Oblique bone scans and singlephoton emission computed tomography scans are the best radiologic tests for confirming pars problems.
Pelvis computed tomography scan showed a sacroiliac joint space narrowing associated with sclerosis and microgeodes which might suggest a septic sacroiliitis, particularly of tuberculous or Brucella origin.
4) Abnormal hyper density of intracranial blood vessels on non-contrast computed tomography scan found in patients with high hematocrit may also simulate the appearance of a contrast enhanced scan.
A computed tomography scan of the abdomen and pelvis with oral and intravenous contrast post-right hip disarticulation.
The physicians acted responsibly based on the available information; a computed tomography scan did not show the colon injury.
Objective: To determine the role of computed tomography scan in children presenting to emergency department with symptoms and signs of suspected acute bacterial meningitis.
The new data also revealed that people who report higher levels of secondhand tobacco smoke exposure also have the greatest evidence of coronary artery calcification, a build-up of calcium in the artery walls as seen on a low-dose computed tomography scan.
A 21-year-old man presented after being struck by a car and underwent a computed tomography scan of the chest and spine.
The current surgery literature even suggests that a negative Computed tomography scan can be used as a screening tool to help identify patients who may be discharged without further evaluation7.
A contrast enhanced computed tomography scan on the base of the skull/neck-T4 level showed a cystic lesion in the base of tongue measuring 12.

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