compulsory licensing

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com·pul·so·ry li·cens·ing

(kŏm-pŭl'sŏr-ē lī'sĕns-ing)
An imprecise term intended to denote any occupation or business that requires the participant or professional to gain or acquire approval from a regulatory body before such person may pursue such occupation within any given jurisdiction.
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Access to Medicines: India Offers First Compulsory License, MEDECINS SANS FRONTIERES (Mar.
The Elimination of the Compulsory License Is Inevitable
Chidambaram also explained that Indian law affirms intellectual property rights (IPRs) and the process of granting compulsory license and patent registration are WTO compliant and subject to judicial review.
The Television Consumer Freedom Act of 2013, is designed to give cable and satellite operators an incentive to offer a la carte programming by linking it to the compulsory license that gives multichannel systems the right to carry broadcast channels.
The decision might encourage Indian drug makers to explore the compulsory license route to manufacturing drugs that are critical in the treatment of HIV patients.
It was argued that this compulsory license would set precedence for similar state intervention in cancer as well other areas of high public health impact including diabetes and heart diseases allowing cheaper local generic version manufactured and sold in India and elsewhere in developing world.
The opinion's focus is on national compulsory licenses and the principle of community exhaustion set out by the European Court of Justice and it argues, as a general rule, that a patent right under a national compulsory license exhausts nationally, unless the license was issued in order to re-install European competition, in which case the rule of community exhaustion prevails.
Thailand's November 2006 announcement that it intended to issue a compulsory license on the HIV/AIDS drug Efavirenz and the country's subsequent use of compulsory licenses on drugs used to treat cancer and heart disease posed a new challenge to drug companies.
13) Apotex tried to make it seem that it was declining because using CAMR was a "huge process," but actually, when Apotex applied to the Canadian government to renew its compulsory license, it received its renewal in just one week.
KARACHI, October 02, 2009 (Balochistan Times): Pakistans ratification of proposed amendment in Article 31 of the World Trade Organization (WTO) Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) Agreement would allow the country to create mechanisms to grant compulsory license for production and export of patented pharmaceuticals to countries with insufficient manufacturing capacity.
providing, as an equitable remedy, a compulsory license in denying an

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