Shopping Addiction

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A spending disorder which is
(1) Poorly controlled
(2) Markedly distressful, time-consuming, and which results in familial, social, vocational, and/or financial difficulties
(3) Does not occur in the context of hypomanic or manic symptoms
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However, due to impulsive and compulsive behaviors (including hypersexuality and compulsive shopping) that occurred under ropinirole therapy, the dose was lowered to 8 mg/day and levodopa/carbidopa/entacapone 3x75/18.75/200 mg was added to the therapy for severe left-sided bradykinesia and gait difficulty.
by LOUIE SMITH A WOMAN who suffers from a compulsive shopping disorder has been jailed for taking PS130,000 from her employers.
My Buddhist training has taught me that activity, travel, and happy events are just "a blanket of happiness we place over our sorrows." If we have not reached happiness without travel, then we are merely losing ourselves in these pursuits, much like compulsive shopping, eating to excess, or using drugs and alcohol.
So when she returned to the compulsive shopping while her husband was working nights, and began stealing from her employers, she had an account into which she could divert the money.
There are also divergent results for the consequents of materialism, as can be observed for the compulsive shopping construct; positive (Weaver, Moschis & Davis, 2011) and negative relationships (Richins & Dawson, 1992) can be found.
At a time when some are questioning whether the definition of addiction has become too broad, the prospect that compulsive shopping could soon become an officially classified disorder would appear unlikely.
Economists say that this trend can safely be termed as a great success of the western culture-ideology of consumerism which could be witnessed all around the mall which glorifies compulsive shopping a dangerous phenomenon.
They can't drive, and have little or no money, so they can't go on compulsive shopping sprees.
Online retail settings may facilitate compulsive shopping problems because of convenience (Ridgway, Kukar-Kinney, & Monroe, 2008).
On the female side, there is Mugabe's 50-year-old wife, Grace " widely known as 'Amazing Grace', for her lofty rhetoric, and 'Gucci Grace', for her compulsive shopping sprees in Western capitals.
Research on compulsive buying dates back to the last century when it was identified by Bleuler (1924) and Kraepelin (1915), they called it as a mental disorder and named it oniomania which means buying mania compulsive shopping, an addiction.
Scientists say drugs used to treat the neurological condition are linked to compulsive shopping, cleaning and gambling, as well as a higher sex drive.