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Connections include a component video output, S-Video output, one set of A/V composite jacks, and optical and coaxial digital audio output jack.
The analog interface has midscale clamping for component video signals, commonly used in HDTVs.
The CATXPro switches WUXGA Video, Component Video, Composite Video and S-Video with full stereo audio support and full IR/RS232 non-blocking matrix switching.
These devices can be connected to the flat panel televisions using HDMI or component video output- with HD resolution upscaling.
SURF intentionally moves up to broadcast-level connections, including three BNC connectors for component video (Y, P-b, P-r).
The complement of inputs consists of DVI-D, RGB analog, 5 BNC (selectable RGB analog or component video), composite (BNC), stereo audio for PC (3.5mm stereo mini-jack), stereo audio for A/V, and an RS-232C serial port.
It can be connected to a wide range of widescreen TVs and home theatre systems and comes standard with HDMI, component video, analogue and optical audio ports.
CMOS image sensors for park/reverse assist typically output either an analog video source like NTSC/PAL or component video sources which have Low Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) outputs.
This system utilizes DVI/ VGA, HD-SDI or Component video inputs and will record in MPEG-4 WMVHD format, similar to the standard WMV format.
The Denon up- and down-converts composite video, S video, and component video. With a monitor equipped with only a component input, the S video is down-sampled to component.
Other features include a variety of connectivity options: RF, DVI, RGB input and loop-out, compost/S-Video inputs, SD/HD component video inputs, audio and subwoofer outputs and RS-232 and R J-45 control ports.
We worked closely with Intel to develop a solution that meets this need, and are proud to be the first company to provide a single-chip sDVO-compliant solution that can support multiple streams and high-definition video with options for DVI, component video and VGA outputs to system manufacturers worldwide."

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