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To understand if cesarean deliveries are associated with severe maternal complications, French researchers used a subcohort of a larger study to compare 1444 women who experienced severe complications after delivery with 3464 controls who did not experience complications, in 6 French regions.
The aim of this study was to compare the results of early and late complications which developed due to age, gender, surgical indication, intubation time, surgical experience and preferred surgical technique in children who underwent PT over the past decade in an otorhinolaryngology clinic and pediatric intensive care unit which is a tertiary reference center.
'There's often the assumption that young people don't develop complications from diabetes, but that's just not true.
Vascular complications were the most common (6.66%) followed by urological complications (2.85%).
The researchers used the Finnish Performance, Effectiveness and Cost of Treatment (PERFECT) database to explore the prevalence of and factors contributing to post-operative surgical complications leading to hospital readmission in hip surgery patients.
We analyzed the complications of all robot-assisted surgeries performed in our clinic and investigated the effect of the learning curve on complications occurred.
The most common complications of diabetes which can lead to early death are stroke and cardiovascular disease.
"When you suffer from encephalopathy, there is not much that doctors can do, therefore the focus is to try to get patient's blood glucose levels under control from the very beginning and to try to avoid the spectrum of diabetes-related complications, of which encephalopathy is one.
A total of 534 respondents had no microvascular complications, while 318 reported suffering one complication, 140 patients had two, and 42 had three respectively.
Early complications observed within the first 30 days postoperatively were retrieved.
The objective of this study was to determine the frequency of post-ERCP complications in o set-up.
Infectious complications may include empyema, pyothorax or surgical site infections.