complex fracture

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com·plex frac·ture

a fracture with significant soft tissue injury.
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com·pli·cat·ed frac·ture

(kom'pli-kā-tĕd frak'shŭr)
Breakage in an osseous structure such that the sharp edges of the bone have pierced an organ or bodily structure.
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The most common cause of Zygomatic complex fracture is road traffic accident followed by interpersonal violence and sports injuries.
When fractures further propagate, a complex fracture network is formed.
However, XFEM and GFEM still have difficulties in representing multiple complex fracture networks.
Isolated zygomatic arch fracture is rare in zygomaticomaxillary complex fracture, representing approximately 10% of all cases in the literature.1-3
"The driving focus of Zimmer Biomet's Trauma portfolio has always been to equip surgeons with exceptional tools that can unlock personalized outcomes for patients, whether they are suffering from routine or complex fracture injuries, which is exactly why we have chosen to pursue this partnership with CelgenTek Innovations," said Randy S.
Internal fixation is mandatory for younger patients but the results are worse in more complex fracture patterns, including fractures of tuberosities.
At 3 months post-injury, a repeat CT scan was performed to allow for three-dimensional analysis of healing of the complex fracture and to ensure anatomic congruency (Fig.
Irish Turf Club senior medical officer Dr Adrian McGoldrick reported Cooper to have suffered a very complex fracture.
If it's a complex fracture, we need to do an urgent operation.
Although, this is a very difficult and complex fracture pattern that is associated with a high incidence of very poor clinical outcomes, [sup][15] we propose emergent internal fixation and gain an anatomic reduction and stable internal fixation for this young patient.