Radial Scar

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ra·di·al scle·ros·ing le·sion

a variant of sclerosing adenosis of the breast with central scar formation and radiating hyperplastic ducts.
Synonym(s): radial scar
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Any of a group of breast lesions which can mimic invasive carcinoma by physical exam, radiology, gross exam and microscopic exam. The lesions are small, stellate by gross and low-power microscopy and characterised by central fibrosis—usually with an elastotic core and varying amounts of epithelial proliferation and distortion. Microcalcifications can be seen
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These findings led to the diagnosis of "a complex sclerosing lesion" post biopsy.
Anatomopathologically, JP shows features of a complex sclerosing lesion for instance hyperplasia, adenosis and papillomatosis (5).
Metaplastic carcinoma of the breast arising within complex sclerosing lesion: a report of five cases.
For those lesions that are greater than 1 cm in size or harbor more proliferative change with greater architectural complexity, the term complex sclerosing lesion is used.
Metaplastic carcinomas arising in association with benign sclerosing lesions are rare lesions in which a neoplastic spindle cell proliferation with varying degrees of cytologic atypia can be recognized extending beyond the boundaries of the complex sclerosing lesion or papilloma.
Radial scars (RS) are radiographic and pathologically benign lesions of the breast that have been previously described in the literature under several different names, such as radial sclerosing lesion, scleroelastotic lesion, indurative mastopathy, nonencapsulated sclerosing lesion, sclerosing papillary proliferation, and, if larger than 1.0 cm, complex sclerosing lesion. Previously, most RS was reported as incidental microscopic lesions seen at biopsy for another lesion or at autopsy.
Radial scar and complex sclerosing lesion are benign lesions characterized by a proliferation of benign glands and tubules within a fibrous/fibroelastotic connective tissue stroma.
Histologic sections from the excision showed apocrine ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) arising in a complex sclerosing lesion characterized by extensive adenosis with apocrine "atypia" and stromal fibrosis (Figure 2, a through d).
The diagnostic criteria of ADH involving fibroepithelial lesions and radial scars (complex sclerosing lesions) are the same as those for otherwise benign breast parenchyma.
Sclerosing adenosis is part of the spectrum of fibrocystic changes in the breast, and it is strongly associated with various proliferative lesions, including epithelial hyperplasia, intraductal papilloma, complex sclerosing lesions, and apocrine changes.
(25) These nodules are frequently associated with papillomas and complex sclerosing lesions. (11,25) The spindle cells in these reactive nodules express vimentin, smooth muscle actin, and muscle-specific actin, but lack cytokeratin expression.
Complex sclerosing lesions (radial scars) of the breast can be palpable.

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