Radial Scar

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ra·di·al scle·ros·ing le·sion

a variant of sclerosing adenosis of the breast with central scar formation and radiating hyperplastic ducts.
Synonym(s): radial scar
Any of a group of breast lesions which can mimic invasive carcinoma by physical exam, radiology, gross exam and microscopic exam. The lesions are small, stellate by gross and low-power microscopy and characterised by central fibrosis—usually with an elastotic core and varying amounts of epithelial proliferation and distortion. Microcalcifications can be seen
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Histologic sections from the excision showed apocrine ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) arising in a complex sclerosing lesion characterized by extensive adenosis with apocrine "atypia" and stromal fibrosis (Figure 2, a through d).
Metaplastic spindle cell breast tumors arising within papillomas, complex sclerosing lesions, and nipple adenomas.
Despite being considered benign lesions, radial scars (RS) and complex sclerosing lesions (CSL) of the breast often demonstrate suspicious imaging features that prompt imaging-guided core needle biopsy.

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