Complex Emergency

A natural or man-made disaster with multiple economic, social and political dimensions
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Context : Over 20 years of civil war and conflict in Somalia have created a situation of protracted and complex emergency which has eroded livelihoods leading to increased vulnerability, malnutrition and food insecurity.
Darfur will continue to represent a complex emergency situation, with two-thirds of the population to some degree reliant upon the provision of humanitarian assistance.
Notify Takes Users Beyond Notification Blasts And Simplifies Complex Emergency Management Challenges
The CAE Brunei MPTC will be able to develop virtual threat scenarios for analysis and provide virtual training for complex emergency and crisis response exercises.
Amcom E911 Will Help Manage Hospital's Complex Emergency Response Challenges
MEDEX services range from pre-trip intelligence and contingency planning to real-time medical case management and complex emergency evacuations.
Founded in Denmark in 1957, Vestergaard Frandsen is an international company specializing in complex emergency response and disease-control products.
MPR has expertise in complex emergency, disaster and asymmetrical threat management, including the medical and public health management of catastrophic casualty events and situations involving weapons of mass destruction.
Researchers have grappled with the complex emergency situation that has seen South Central Somalia lag behind in
With more office space than downtown Boston and Los Angeles, Arlington is a dense, urban community with a mix of residential and commercial neighborhoods and, therefore, requires complex emergency response capabilities," said John Crawford, Emergency Communications Center Commander.
The training school will also render simulators covering seven types of potential large and complex emergency situations incidents related to buildings, transportation, marine and water, gas, aircraft, hazardous material and structural collapse.
Considered to be a leader in disease control, Vestergaard Frandsen works with the UN, global NGOs and relief agencies in responding to complex emergency situations.