Complete Suicide

A 'successful' suicide
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It would be a complete suicide, because it would de facto mean an early election," he added.
Kufre said these voices of unseen persons sometimes instruct the victims to go and kill themselves by varying means, and some recorded acts of complete suicide and others of attempted suicide have been from victims' obedience to these unseen voices.
"Sometimes, people die for trivial reasons." He noted instances where a susceptible person might attempt or complete suicide after an argument or perceived slight.
"Sometimes these individuals' spirits have lifted and their burdens do seem a little bit lighter before they attempt or complete suicide because in their minds, they've made the decision to end it all," Manning said.
* ABOUT 2/3 OF PEOPLE who complete suicide are depressed at the time of their deaths.
In addition, almost half of those who did not complete suicide on their first attempt did so on their second.
So, the question remains, why did these millions of people complete suicide in order to "get there," when "there" is unknown?
Youths who take atomoxetine for attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder or other mental health conditions do not appear any more likely to attempt or complete suicide than those treated with stimulants alone, a recent study found.
This could significantly reduce the rate of suicide in jails, due to the fact that it would require jail employees (correctional staff, mental health personnel and health care personnel) to complete suicide prevention training.
These women are more likely to complete suicide, especially within the two first months of the postpartum [67,68].
In fact, I have had two "battle-buddies" who were hospital personnel attempt or complete suicide. Please put this issue on your agenda and help to recognize PTSD.
Male children are more likely than females to complete suicide. (19) Girls are significantly more likely than boys to seriously consider attempting suicide, make a specific plan and attempt suicide.

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