Complementary Cancer Care

Altered lifestyle or diet intended to enhance—not replace—conventional (mainstream) cancer therapy
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3) This study and the new TPOISE trial are compelling examples of the pioneering complementary cancer care research efforts led by Dugald.
com)-- As a holistic practitioner that provides complementary cancer care to his patients in the greater New York City area, Dr.
Complementary cancer care in Southampton: a survey of staff and patients.
About 1,500 books and CDs on complementary cancer care are being shipped out this week to libraries and clinics across Oregon, thanks to some leftover cash from a legal settlement and a Eugene man's struggle to help his wife battle ovarian cancer.
She said: 'The report showed that there was a lack of complementary cancer care in the West Midlands.
The study is being done in connection with the Centre for Integrated Healing, a complementary cancer care clinic in Vancouver, Canada.
From there he travelled to the Cavendish Cancer Centre, which offers complementary cancer care for patients including aroma- therapy, reflexology, hypnotherapy and homeopathy.

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