complementarity determining regions

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com·ple·men·tar·i·ty de·ter·min·ing re·gions

that part of an antibody or T cell receptor variable region that binds with antigen or antigen/major histocompatibility molecule (that is, antigen-combining region).
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An antibody-based biomarker discovery method by mass spectrometry sequencing of complementarity determining regions. Anal Bioanal Chem 2011;399:1081-91.
Nucelotide sequences encoding, and amino acid sequences comprising, heavy and light chain immunoglobulin molecules, particularly sequences corresponding to contiguous heavy and light chain sequences spanning the framework regions and/or complementarity determining regions (CDRs), specifically from FR1 through FR4 or CDR1 through CDR3, are provided.
The antibodies can be made by grafting of the complementarity determining regions of mouse monoclonal antibody to human 4-1BB to the remaining portions of a human antibody and by making further amino acid replacements.

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