complement system

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com·ple·ment sys·tem

a group of more than 20 serum proteins, some of which can be serially activated and participate in a cascade resulting in cell lysis; the complement system also functions in chemotaxis, opsonization, and phagocytosis.
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The global immunoprotein diagnostic testing market segmentation is based on assay technologies (chemiluminescence assay, enzyme based immunoassay, immunofluorescence assay, immunoprotein electrophoresis, immunoturbidity assay, radioimmunoassay), immunoprotein types (complement system proteins diagnostic tests, c-reactive protein diagnostic tests, free light chain diagnostic tests, haptoglobin diagnostic tests, immunoglobulin diagnostic tests, prealbumin diagnostic tests), and applications (allergy testing, autoimmune disease testing, endocrine testing, infectious disease testing, oncology testing, toxicology testing).

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