complement system

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com·ple·ment sys·tem

a group of more than 20 serum proteins, some of which can be serially activated and participate in a cascade resulting in cell lysis; the complement system also functions in chemotaxis, opsonization, and phagocytosis.
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The complement system forms the main component of the humoral inflammatory response along with antibodies (8).
There are three key biochemical pathways that activate the complement system: Classical Pathway, Alternative Pathway, and Lectin Pathway.
Omeros controls the worldwide rights to MASP-2 and all therapeutics targeting MASP-2, a novel proinflammatory protein target involved in activation of the complement system, which is an important component of the immune system.
The complement system consists of about 30 soluble and membrane bound proteins, and is activated by 3 distinct pathways either on pathogen surface or in plasma.
Numerous animal venoms interact with the human Complement system, for example, by initiating the C-cascade activation, as shown for venoms of 19 different Bothrops species from South and Central America [28,29].
In conclusion, we document the importance of investigating blockade of the complement system during follow-up of eculizumab treatment.
The complement system is part of the innate immune system in multicellular organisms, and it is activated by three biochemical pathways (explained in more detail in Section 2).
Moreover, the complement system is a powerful immune effector that can affect liver function and process of liver cirrhosis.
C3 is a key factor in the complement system and its synthesis is enhanced with inflammation.
The complement system is a pivotal created of the immune system in keeping the steward from infection via many pathogenic agents [10].
Several studies have linked the pattern-recognition molecule mannan-binding lectin (also known as mannose-binding lectin or MBL) of the complement system to the pathogenesis of diabetic kidney disease [5-9].

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