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the obtaining of something.
organ procurement in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as guiding families through the donation process to ensure timely retrieval of vital organs and tissue for transplantation.


A UK term of art for obtaining goods/services which ideally are cost effective and provide the best quality outcomes for service users. Effective procurement needs effective commissioning guidelines as well as a transparent and open process in which to apply to provide services and goods.

The acquisition by purchase, lease or barter of property or service for the direct benefit or use of the US National Cancer Institute (NCI) or other government agencies. The procurement instrument most often used is a contract, which details the rights, duties and obligations of each of the parties involved.

Before activating a "procurement team”, it must be established that the donor meets certain criteria (below). If the donor criteria are met, the team may charter a small private jet and fly to the donor's hospital. Once the donor's thoraco-abdominal cavity is opened, it is packed with a "slush" preparation—ice and lactated Ringer's solution—which reduces organ activity to a metabolic "ground zero”. The team then organises itself into 3 to 5 sections, each of which is poised to remove 1 organ block—e.g., the liver, pancreas, kidneys (which count as one block collectively), heart-lung block or heart and lungs as separate blocks.

Once the team is ready, the aorta is cannulated and clamped above the heart; at this critical step—known as "cross-clamping”—a countdown of viability begins, after which time each organ block has an allowed "cold ischaemia time" before it becomes suboptimal for transplantation—which is 4 to 6 hours for the heart-lung block, 20 hours for the liver and pancreas, and up to 72 hours for the kidneys. After cross-clamping, the vena cava is cut and the donor's blood is exsanguinated and a perfusate is gravity-fed into each organ via the aorta and arteries; the organs are then removed by each "section" and placed in containers filled with the "slush" preparation, maintained at near 0ºC, and then transported to their respective recipient teams.

Transplantation Harvesting
The obtaining of organs for transplantation; the best donor of multiple organs is a recently brain-dead patient with unimpaired circulation.

Procurement criteria, transplant organs 
Physical criteria
Young age, previous excellent health before the trauma that left the donor in a persistent vegetative state, absence of substance abuse history.
Legal criteria
Appropriate permission for organ donation from next-of-kin.
Lab criteria
Serologic tests (IgG, IgM ELISA) for HIV-1, HTLV-I, HAV, HBV, hepatitis C, Treponema, blood-group compatiblity, HLA matching.


Transplantation The obtention of organs for transplantation; the best donor of multiple organs destined for transplantation is a recently brain-dead Pt with unimpaired circulation. See Slush preparation, Transplantion, UNOS.
Procurement criteria  
Physical criteria–eg, young age, previous excellent health before the trauma that left the donor in a persistent vegetative state, absence of substance abuse history
Legal criteria–ie, appropriate permission for organ donation has been obtained from next-of-kin
Lab criteria A battery of serologic tests–IgG, IgM ELISA–for  HIV-1, HTLV-I, HAV, HBV, hepatitis C, RPR–Treponema 
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Experience indicates that, where previously implemented, competitive bidding systems have not guaranteed the maintenance of such high levels of quality service," said Tracey.
According to the report, district officials ``ordered, received and installed portable classrooms without using the competitive bidding process and without properly completing purchasing documents.
In addition to the competitive bidding functionality, the latest release of CPR+ for HME includes batch insurance eligibility checks that can be filtered by payers and product and service types, a fully integrated delivery management system with route assignment, GPS tracking, and real-time confirmations from ruggedized handheld devices in the field, automatic creation of re-certifications for supporting documents, and enhanced PECOS updates with warnings immediately prior to claims transmission.
CMS has made a number of process improvements for the Round One Rebid, such as an upgraded online bid submission system, early bidder education, and increased oversight of bidders that are new to product categories or competitive bidding areas to ensure they meet CMS' requirements.
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced that the site for the first of two competitive bidding demonstration projects, scheduled to run for three years each, would be the San Diego-Carlsbad-San Marco Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) in California.
But City Administrative Officer Bill Fujioka said that while he recognized what the council was trying to do, he believed it was better to have an open competitive bidding system.
Caplan's report also supports the competitive bidding process with some changes.
The lack of competitive bidding raised conflict-of-interest questions.
In a strong market like today, where numerous buyers are vying for fewer properties, co-broking is the best process for securing the highest price for a property by opening it up to competitive bidding.
In order to assess your organization's desired approach, you must understand the differences between competitive bidding and strategic alliances.
Awarded via competitive bidding, the tires will be delivered to the postal service's vehicle maintenance facilities nationwide by local General Tire dealers in each area.
The statutes in question barred accountants from engaging in uninvited, in-person, direct solicitation of clients and prohibited competitive bidding by CPAs.

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