Compassion in Dying

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A US right-to-die organization that challenges the constitutionality of laws against assisted suicide
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And if that doctor refuses to help her kill herself, Compassion in Dying will happily refer her to a doctor who will.
Not only that: The woman whose death was announced by Compassion in Dying appears to have been depressed when she pursued self-destruction; this, despite continual assurances from suicide advocates that the lives of depressed people would be protected by the law's guidelines.
Compassion in Dying referred the woman to a death doctor rather than to a physician who would aggressively treat her emotional difficulties.
Barbara Dority was the founding president of Compassion in Dying and is currently vice-president and newsletter editor of the Hemlock Society of Washington State.
The ruling "puts profoundly personal end-of-life decisions in the hands of dying patients and their doctors, rather than in the hands of the state," said Ralph Mero, executive director of Compassion in Dying.
Kirk Robinson, chairman of the COMPASSION IN DYING Federation board said, "It speaks well of the importance and integrity of our mission that we have attracted a scholar of Professor Beauchamp's stature and accomplishment.
Kirk Robinson on the Compassion in Dying Federation's board.
Readers may send (tax-deductible and confidential) contributions to: Compassion in Dying, P.
Compassion in Dying responds to a moral imperative which can no longer be denied by humanists and other compassionate people.
Note: Compassion in Dying is an independent organization and has no official connection to the Hemlock Society.