public relations

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public relations,

n the art and science of promoting good will within the public by a corporation or governmental agency.
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In this situation, ANOVA was utilized to test the null hypothesis that no linear relationship exists between the dependent variable (customer satisfaction) and the independent company image factors (CM1 and CM4).
However, the low R2 value and high residual value as reported in the finding indicate that there are other company image factors that could be the main predictors which are not included in this study.
In general, it can be inferred that all the independent items under the company image have a positive coefficient which means that the predicted value of the dependent variable (CS) increases when the value of the independent variables increase (CM1 and CM4).
Tied for second in the region are CenterPoint Energy-Minnegasco (105), which scores highest in billing and payment, customer service and field service, and MidAmerican Energy (105), which posts the highest score in company image.
The utility posts the highest regional scores in company image, price and value, and billing and payment.
Salt River receives the highest scores in the region in power quality and reliability, company image, billing and payment, and price and value.
OPPD receives the highest scores in this segment in company image and ties for highest in billing and payment.