public relations

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public relations,

n the art and science of promoting good will within the public by a corporation or governmental agency.
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The result also clearly indicates that all the factors under company image show a positive relationship with customer satisfaction level where CM1 (sales executive) has the highest correlation with R=0.
The multiple regression 'stepwise method' had been performed by using SPSS (version 9) to establish which of the four company image factors can be considered as main predictor of customer satisfaction.
For more information about Pharmaceutical Company Image or other studies in Verispan's Strategic Studies suite, please contact Melissa Leonhauser or Jason Fox at (800) 982-5613; e-mail melissa.
CPS Energy (114) ranks highest in the South Region with the particularly high ratings on company image, price and value, and billing and payment.
LG&E outperforms all other utilities in the region in four of the five components: power quality and reliability, company image, price and value, and billing and payment.
UGI (109) ranks highest in customer satisfaction in the East Region for the second consecutive year, with the highest regional scores in company image, price and value, and billing and payment.
It leads the region in company image, billing and payment, price and value, and ties for the top rating in the region in power quality and reliability.
Verispan's Pharmaceutical Company Image is a comprehensive, biennial analysis of pharmaceutical company and industry image as perceived by key healthcare professionals.
Consumers Energy ranks highest in the Midwest for the second consecutive year with top regional scores for company image and billing and payment.