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compact disc/read only memory

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The Compact Disc Recycling Center was founded in 2006 by Bruce Bennett, owner of The American Duplication Supply Group, including Superdups, New England Compact Disc and American Duplication Supply.
DVD has much more data storage capacity than compact disc technology--each disc holds 4.
Pioneer introduced its compact disc recorder last September.
For example on Stevie Ray Vaughan's 1986 compact disc Live Alive, I found not one, but two, giveaways that pirates were involved: a song called "Voodoo Chile" and a second song entitled "Ain't Gone 'N' Give up on Love.
PHOTO (1--Color) Hank and Joani Waring have decorated their Palmdale house with compact discs.
An integrated "disc wizard" helps novice or infrequent users create compact discs through a series of step-by-step questions and explanations.
Jewel Case Insert Editor--allows users to customize the compact disc insert.
The cost of putting the album out, including renting a recording studio at $30 an hour and the initial pressing of 1,000 compact discs, will run between $5,000 to $6,000, Russell said.
Enhanced compact discs offer many benefits to developers, consumers and retailers.
MediaMax CD-3 technology prevents the unauthorized uploading and copying of digital original music to illegal peer-to-peer file-sharing services while, at the same time, allowing those purchasing SunnComm protected compact discs to legally PLAY*MOVE*SHARE(TM) the music using SunnComm's PromoPlay(TM) functionality.
DVDs, which look like music compact discs, will eventually be played on computers as well.
5" diskette manufacturers, North America's leading software duplicator and a global provider of software manufacturing and distribution services, announced today plans to manufacture compact discs (CD-ROMs) at its 125,000 square foot, state-of-the-art Arnprior, Ontario, Canada diskette manufacturing facility.

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