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compact disc/read only memory

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Bennett goes on to add "Companies that use compact discs to promote their business should be environmentally responsible and promote disc recycling awareness, showing dedication in helping the environment.
In 1996, the compact disc industry unveiled its next-generation technology: DVD.
Although this policy is rather clear on coverage for the players for tapes and discs, it is not as clear with respect to tapes and compact discs.
Tim Sullivan, vice president of marketing, said TDK reduced the price because it wants to support the recordable compact disc market and the second-generation audio CD-R recently introduced by Pioneer.
As I strolled up and down the aisles of the music emporium, it occurred to me that the compact discs I'd been studying might merely be a bad batch of pirated CDs imported from China through one unethical distributor, but that other store in Manhattan might have the real thing.
The systems can play a variety of new games available on compact discs.
JVC Disc America is considered one of the premier manufacturers of compact discs, CD-ROMs and DVDs in the world.
As students read the books and surfed the Internet, Newcomer popped in a compact disc of Elizabethan dance that played throughout the spacious room filled with sleek computer terminals, wood bookshelves and a small stage where students can perform speeches, theater-in-the-round style.
In 1994, China was the world's largest exporter of pirated compact discs, digital video discs and software on CD-ROM, said U.
The discs are the same size as compact discs and offer digital clarity, six-channel sound, instant rewind, and massive amounts of information including trailers, screenplays, interviews and databases.
JVC today announced it will soon ship its first CD receiver with a built-in HD Radio(TM) tuner, the KD-SHX900, featuring HD Radio digital AM & FM broadcast technology HD Radio provides seamless digital broadcasts, with AM stations sounding more like FM broadcasts and FM stations offering sonics on a par with compact discs.
Taking a different tack in Christmas decorating, Hank and Joani Waring strung more than 1,000 silvery, glittery compact discs around their home.

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