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, pl.


(kŏ-myū'ni-kans, kŏ-mū-ni-kan'tēz),
Communicating; connecting or joining.
[L. pres. p. of communico, pp. -atus, to share with someone, make common]
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(kŏ-mū′nĕ-kănz) [L. communicare, to connect with]
One of several communicating nerves or arteries.
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The ramus communicans connected three blood vessels, which may be responsible for the similar circumflex artery lesions between the two groups.
Although azygoportal disconnection is a useful method to decrease the effect of portal hypertension on the esophageal varices by dividing the esophageal and gastric ramus communicans, its ability to shorten the diameter of the esophageal varices is limited.
Ramus communicans, which is located between median nerve and ulnar nerve, is present within the fat tissue.
51], esse formale principium essendi materiae, quasi esse suum communicans materiae."

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