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a continent commonly referred to as "the land down under."
Australian antigen - hepatitis B antigen first identified in serum of Australian aborigines.
Australian Q fever - acute rickettsial infection transmitted by ticks and caused by Coxiella burnetii, most often found in Australian bandicoots.
Australian X disease - Synonym(s): Murray Valley encephalitis
Australian X disease virus - Synonym(s): Murray Valley virus
Australian X encephalitis - Synonym(s): Murray Valley encephalitis
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Australian Government (2009) Secure and Sustainable Pensions, May, Commonwealth of Australia, Canberra.
Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (Cth) s 77 (i).
Commonwealth of Australia (1998) Tax Reform: Not a New Tax, A New Tax System Canberra: AGPS.
The Secretary-General of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, Mr Akbar Khan welcomed the return of the Commonwealth of Australia Branch of the CPA and said: The return of the Commonwealth of Australia Branch of the CPA strengthens our network and serves as a testament to the success of the CPA as a leader in the field of parliamentary development.
The change was justified within a social justice frame, with the government characterising the reforms as a 'humane' and 'compassionate' move that enabled pensioners to stay in their own homes for as long as they could, being cared for by a family member or friend (Commonwealth of Australia 1987b: 2304; Commonwealth of Australia 1987c: 2014).
His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa and , sent similar cables to the Indian president, The Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, Vice President of India Mohammed Hamed, and his Indian and Australian counterparts Manmohan Singh and Julia Gillard.
Attorney-General's Department (2003) Joint Press Release: Australian Government Announces Major Package to Combat People Trafficking, Canberra, Commonwealth of Australia.
It is with deep regret and after much thought that I have today advised the Prime Minister that I wish to resign from the office of Governor General of the Commonwealth of Australia,'' he added.
EarthData International (EarthData) today announced the award of a $16 million contract by the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia to produce the first-ever high-resolution image and terrain maps of Papua New Guinea.
Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov met with Julie Bishop, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Commonwealth of Australia on the sidelines of the 71st Session of the UN General Assembly.
visiting Governor General of the Commonwealth of Australia Ms Quentin Bryce
Also on This Day: 1877: Death of photographicpioneer William Henry Fox Talbot;1900: The Commonwealth of Australia was proclaimed; 1939: Poland was invaded by the USSR;1976: The first female cadets were admitted to Dartmouth Naval College; 1985: Death of Welsh designer Laura Ashley; 2001: John Hume stepped down as Leader of the nationalist SDLP.

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