common cold virus

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com·mon cold vi·rus

any of the numerous strains of virus etiologically associated with the common cold, chiefly the rhinoviruses, but also strains of adenovirus, coxsackievirus, echovirus, and parainfluenza virus.
Synonym(s): cold virus
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It would be particularly satisfying if a common cold virus, which has been a nuisance to us for centuries, could one day help to save lives.
Childhood obesity is not only an epidemic, it may be an infectious disease transmitted by a common cold virus, a new study suggests.
A COMMON cold virus has been harnessed for use as a cancer killer.
His death came almost exactly a year after he first started having throat problems, which were originally diagnosed as a paralysed vocal cord caused by the common cold virus.
For the common cold virus, the most effective way of breaking the chain is via hand washing with virucidal compounds, thus preventing the virus from contaminating environmental surfaces in the first place.
The Bubble Unit is one of just two units in the UK able to provide appropriate treatment and carry out bone marrow transplants for children whose immune systems don't work and are at risk of dying from even the simplest common cold virus.
A new and dangerous type of common cold virus was named yesterday as the chief suspect behind the deadly Sars infection that has caused 100 deaths.
scientists announced at a recent AIDS conference in Keystone, CO, that a common cold virus has proven to be an "effective vehicle to deliver a potent anti-AIDS vaccine to monkeys," the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.
It's a very high-resolution model," notes Palmenberg, whose group along with a team from the University of Maryland was the first to map the genomes for all known common cold virus strains in 2009.
Such symptoms can be caused by both the influenza virus and also the common cold virus.
A COMMON cold virus could help make people obese, researchers said yesterday.