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, gasolene (ga′sŏ-lēn″, ga″sŏ-lēn′) [ gas + -ol + -ine]
A product of the destructive distillation of petroleum, a liquid mixture of hydrocarbons, with chain length between 4 and 12 C atoms, frequently containing additives to improve combustion. Commercial gasoline may contain toxic additives.


Using the mouth to produce suction on a tube for siphoning gasoline from a tank is dangerous because the gasoline may be inhaled or swallowed.
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Not only would the CO2 emission be minimized but the commercial gasoline and electricity would be produced.
Used oil analysis, piston and engine cleanliness, and wear patterns are not significantly different from those obtained using gasoline containing MTBE or nonoxygenated commercial gasoline," Elf said, according to Oxy-Fuel News.
In Phase I, Sonex will select a commercial gasoline engine and design SCS modifications for conversion of the engine for reliable heavy fuel use.

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