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, gasolene (ga′sŏ-lēn″, ga″sŏ-lēn′) [ gas + -ol + -ine]
A product of the destructive distillation of petroleum, a liquid mixture of hydrocarbons, with chain length between 4 and 12 C atoms, frequently containing additives to improve combustion. Commercial gasoline may contain toxic additives.


Using the mouth to produce suction on a tube for siphoning gasoline from a tank is dangerous because the gasoline may be inhaled or swallowed.
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Commercial gasoline was obtained in a gas station (Dourados, MS), and the ethanol content was verified according to the procedure described by the NBR 13.
It was noted that at 3500 rpm and more so at 5000 rpm, the peak cylinder pressure phasing was noticeably more advanced for the commercial gasoline than for both ethanol blends.
this month, Kohler Engines will take the wraps off a new line of fuel-injected commercial gasoline engines based on the company's Command V-twin engine platform.
SKYACTIV-X will be the world's first commercial gasoline engine to use compression ignition.
9 per 1 tonne, the export duty on commercial gasoline will decrease from $58.
based company took yet another big step -- or more correctly, steps -- in that arena with the introduction of two new engines to its Vanguard commercial gasoline engine range.
RECO) uses only solar energy and takes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to make commercial gasoline with electricity as a bi-product.
The duty on straight-run gasoline will be raised from $46,8 per tonne to $57,2 per tonne, with the export duty on commercial gasoline up from $40,2 to $49,1 per tonne.

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